Apprenticeships are employer and government creation led work based programmes designed for industry specific role.

Available for candidates aged 16 and over with no restrictions on the upper limit

Apprenticeships incorporate qualifications from Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) to Level 7 (Masters equivalent)

Apprentices can be new recruits or existing employees

An apprentice should be employed within a suitable job role for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Grow your own talent, a future talent pipeline tailored to your business needs with the industry specific skills you need

Professionalise the workforce, develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce

Free recruitment service, a specialist team experienced in the recruitment of candidates to early career roles

Reduce recruitment costs, having the talent you need in-house will significantly reduce spend on new hires, training and contractor hire

Upskill your existing staff, increasing motivation and loyalty

This couldn’t be simpler, SR Education offer a free recruitment service for all our apprenticeship clients.

We will also on-board and verify eligibility for both new staff and existing employees in relation to apprenticeship funding.

Recruitment Service overview.

To Recruit a new apprentice complete the recruitment form or complete the request a call back.

For existing employees please complete the eligibility form or request a call back.

Why SR Apprenticeships/training?

Complete a consultation process, identifying the right apprenticeship(s) for your business requirements

Funding and Eligibility

Apprenticeship training costs are fully or part funded, depending on the age of the apprentice

Levy Guidence

Employers will have an allowance of £15,000 to offset against their levy

Employer FAQs

SR Education can help advertise and check eligibility for any new vacancies for free.

Yes an existing employee can complete an apprenticeship. This is a great way to upskill your workforce and create a talent pipeline with employees you already know and value.

Yes, they have to be in full time employment and have a contract of employment for at least the duration of the apprenticeship qualification.

An apprenticeship can last a minimum of 12 months and day and in some cases last as long as 4 and a half years.

SR Education will work with you guide you on learning. The minimum requirement is 20% of off the job learning. We will enable you to have all the support and structure required to do this.

We’ll help the apprentice to complete their Apprenticeship elsewhere and find you a replacement.

No. This will enable you to recognise the training needs of all your employees new and existing.

SR Education can guide you on creating a school leaver programme and put you in contact with schools/colleges in your area. The educators are very open to support from employers.

No. SR Education prefer to use online forms and offsite sign up processes, we aim to keep the process as simple and slick as possible, leaving you to concentrate on supporting your staff.

There are a number of progression routes taking the apprentice onto the next stage of learning and career. Congratulations on getting to the end and completing the programme. Your employee will now be keen to continue and move forward.